About us

about-aspirations-school-of-danceThe philosophy of Amanda & her teachers is to inspire in their pupils a love of dance, music, dance history & anatomy, so that every student not only learns how to dance but how anatomically to make their bodies move in a particular way. The skills gained in our lessons can be applied to all aspects of the students’ lives beyond the dance class. With strong social, cultural, moral and ethical values each child can achieve their best in any situation.

Aspirations School of Dance studies the following examination syllabi:

Vaganova Russian Ballet Method
LGTDA (Les Griffith Tap Dance Academy Syllabi)
Acrobatic Arts Curriculum
Trinity College London Musical Theatre Awards

Underpinning all that we do are the fundamental principles of knowledge, artistry, technique &
enthusiasm. First & foremost we are here to foster the love of dance, enabling all those that attend
to grow in self-confidence, co-ordination & natural rhythm. This provides students with the chance
to develop as dancers; our small classes also ensure each student receives intensive training &
personal support.

Classes are held after school hours & at weekends to enable students to continue their normal
academic education. Past students have gone on to train professionally with several schools
including, Italia Conti, Arts Educational School, Rambert Ballet School, & Laine Theatre Arts.

Miss Amanda, the Principal teacher has been teaching dance since 1995. She is Licentiate
Qualified, holds insurance & embraces continuing professional development.

As a child I used to sit and watch the older children gracefully dancing in their classes whilst waiting to be collected, always aspiring to be like them one day. As a dance teacher, I have been given the gift of being able to inspire others to have aspirations.

Miss Amanda