10-18 Years old


From 10 years of age the majority of ASD students will be transitioning into Pre-Vocational Classes. Pointe work may be studied once the required physical strength has been achieved, This is assessed on an individual basis and therefore not a foregone conclusion that your child will undertake pointe work at the same time as others in their class.

There is a large variety of classes for this age group. Students are often invited to attend Guest Teacher workshops , together with auditions ( when and if ready) for professional associate schemes.

All students are invited to attend the schools Bi-Annual school show performed at a professional theatre.

Please contact us directly so that we can give you an indication of the most suitable class.


Aspirations School of Dance follows the Acrobatic Arts syllabus. We believe that acro is not purely the performing of tricks. It is an art-form in itself that when performed correctly enables the dancer to seamlessly and effortlessly include ‘some’ acrobatic skills into their routine. The elements placed into choreography should have meaning and purpose and are not their purely for acrobatic prowess. At this more senior level acro classes require a great deal of physical exertion, strength and co-ordination, we would therefore prefer if students also undertook classical ballet classes.


At ASD we believe that Tap Dance is an asset to any dancer’s curriculum. Taps quick movements strengthen the ankles while working the many muscle groups that support and strengthen the joint. The discipline, like many forms of dance, offers other benefits, too. It uses fine motor movement and requires a lot of control. At this more senior level style, rhythm and musicality comes into play as the student performs their amalgamations. Various styles of tap are taught to the seniors to give them a full grounding in readiness for vocational school should this be their chosen path.


Musical Theatre or MT is one of the fastest growing areas of interest within the dramatic arts. At ASD there is an option to undertake the Trinity MT exams and Professional Teachers of Dance Syllabi.

Students may join our fabulous Saturday MT school where they will be taught by our resident professionals as well as visiting guest teachers from within the industry.

The sessions at this age are 60 mins in duration combining vocal technique, singing, west end technique, dance , drama and stage performance. Many at this age often attend the class before to support the younger members of the school and gain further performance experience.


Within ASD Upper school our ballet classes follow the Society of Classical Ballet ( Vaganova Style) syllabi. Classes also introduce other styles such as RAD , ISTD & Cecchetti in order to provide a fully rounded curriculum.

Most students attend 2-3 classical ballet classes per week at this level in order to achieve the technique required to excel in examinations. However, we still welcome and encourage those that wish attend once a week to engage in ballet classes. For many the ASD family is hard to leave and provides an engaging and perfect social outlet throughout their teens. Many also attend ballet classes to alleviate academic stress at examination times.

Please contact us directly if you are unsure about which level class maybe suitable for your child.

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