2 - 4 Years old
'The TOTS Program'

The Tots dance classes offer a lively but structured 30-45 mins dance class for 2-4yrs. Encouraging physical development and developing creativity, expression and confidence.

These are unaccompanied classes focussing on good listening skills, using a variety of music and props to enhance coordination and self awareness in readiness for that journey towards starting school.

Within these fun filled classes they will be prepared for the transition to our more formal graded classes. 

The TOTS PROGRAM offers the following classes:  

TOTS Ballet

TOTS Jazz & Tap






Our Tots Ballet classes are lively but structured 30- or 45-min dance classes for 2-4yrs. Aimed at developing physical skills and encouraging creativity, expression and confidence the basics of ballet are covered in a fun yet stimulating manner. Encouraging good listening skills and using a variety of music and props to enhance coordination and self-awareness your little dancer will be prepared for the transition to formal graded ballet classes.



ASD Follows The Acrobatic Arts Syllabus. Acro TOTS is a specialised pre-school acro curriculum the focus of which includes learning acro positions, locomotive skills (jumping, hopping etc) balance skills, classroom behaviour skills, movement concepts, cooperation and social skills. Above all else these classes are fun, fun, fun! 

NOTE: Acro Classes are mat based and do not include equipment.


For young children tap dance is exciting as they learn to make rhythm through their feet, while jazz gives them the freedom to express themselves to music that they may have already heard within their home environment. A fun packed introductory class acting as a pre-cursor to the more formal graded classes within the school.

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