4-8 Years old



From 4 years of age ASD provides a variety of graded classes in 

Ballet, Tap, Modern Dance, Acrobatic Arts and Musical Theatre.

Graded classes are syllabus classes that the student may take exams in when the required standard has been attained. For this reason class placement at ASD is not allocated via age. It is so important to us that the student is placed in a class of their suited ability so that they can flourish, gain in confidence and excel in all aspects of their development whether this be physically, mentally or emotionally. 

Our teachers and guest teachers all have the experience to nurture and enable your child to progress through the school. All staff place a heavy emphasis on physical and mental well being enabling every child to feel part of a loving and fun dance family.

All students are invited to attend the schools Bi-Annual school show performed at a professional theatre.

Please contact us directly so that we can give you an indication of the most suitable class.



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Aspirations School of Dance follows the Acrobatic Arts syllabus. We believe that acro is not purely the performing of tricks. It is an art-form in itself that when performed correctly enables the dancer to seamlessly and effortlessly include ‘some’ acrobatic skills into their routine. The elements placed into choreography should have meaning and purpose and are not their purely for acrobatic prowess.

At this level most students will learn the basic acrobatic skills to include but not limited to handstands, cartwheels ( one handed), forward somersaults, core work and strength work



Tap is an asset to any students dance curriculum. The graded classes follow syllabus work that is specifically structured to guide a student through from one level to the next, with exciting rhythms, combinations and eventually dances.


ASD hosts a tailor-made boys class to introduce young boys of all ages to Tap. With drum beats, jumps, basic acrobatic moves and great rhythms this is a high energy class enabling all boys to feel part of the ASD team.



Musical Theatre is one of the fastest growing areas within the Dramatic Arts industry. At ASD their is the option to study the Trinity MT and Professional Teachers of Dancing MT Syllabi. 

Class content is always age appropriate and the younger students commence with a 45 minute combo class of MT , Acro and Tap to introduce them to the style of MT and assist in their concentration. From Matilda, to the Lion King, Oliver to Frozen your little one with love singing along to their favourite songs from the West End, followed by tumbling across the mats in acro and then beating out the rhythms in tap. 

From 3.5 years students may join our fabulous SATURDAY MT SCHOOL, where they will be taught by our resident teachers as well as guest teachers from within the industry. The 45 or 60 minute classes combine singing technique, drama and dance.


ballet CLASSES

Within ASD Lower school ballet starts to follow the Society of Classical Ballet ( Vaganova Style) syllabi. Class assignment is based upon ability as opposed to age. We would be delighted to discuss with you directly which initial class is the most suitable.


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