9-11 Years old


From age 9, all classes within the school are graded and students may participate in exams and assessments. Class allocation is assessed via standard and not age to ensure that every student has their own personal journey to travel within the school through Juniors to Mids to Senior Level.

There is a large variety of classes for this age group.

It is recommended that if undertaking ballet or acro as stand alone classes that two classes are taken per week.

All students are invited to attend the schools Bi-Annual school show performed at a professional theatre.

Please contact us directly so that we can give you an indication of the most suitable class.


Aspirations School of Dance follows the Acrobatic Arts syllabus. We believe that acro is not purely the performing of tricks. It is an art-form in itself that when performed correctly enables the dancer to seamlessly and effortlessly include ‘some’ acrobatic skills into their routine. The elements placed into choreography should have meaning and purpose and are not their purely for acrobatic prowess.

At this age skills progress quite quickly as strength, coordination and control is mastered. A skills set example would be but not limited to; cartwheels ( one handed), delayed cartwheels, aerials, walkovers, core and coordination skills.


At ASD we believe that Tap Dance is an asset to any dancer’s curriculum. Taps quick movements strengthen the ankles while working the many muscle groups that support and strengthen the joint. The discipline, like many forms of dance, offers other benefits, too. It uses fine motor movement and requires a lot of control. Tap is a great way to develop rhythm and musicality. At this level the focus is very much on technique , style and artistry to produce great combinations and dances.


MT (2) 7-9yrs | 60 MINS

MT (3) | 10+yrs | 60 MINS

Musical Theatre is one of the fastest growing areas of interest within the dramatic arts. At ASD there is an option to undertake the Trinity MT exams and Professional Teachers of Dance Syllabi. The Saturday MT School provides a platform to learn Vocal technique, singing, west-end stage, dance and drama all within our age appropriate sessions. From Oliver to Annie, Matilda to The Wizard of Oz and many more the juniors will start to learn about pitch, tempo and timing whilst executing versions of west end repertoire. The seniors will perfect their skills, with many of them taking on solo roles in shows plus being offered the opportunity to undertake auditions as well as TV and commercial work.

Classes run for 60 mins in duration. MT class 1 and MT class 2 are often combined to enable all age groups to work together for performance


Within ASD MIDDLE school ballet follows the Society of Classical Ballet ( Vaganova Style) syllabi. Classes also introduce other styles such as RAD , ISTD & Cecchetti in order to provide a fully rounded curriculum. At this stage and certainly from Grade 3 upwards it is expected that 2 classical ballet classes will be studied per week in order to achieve the required standard for examinations. Class assignment is based upon standard not age. We would be delighted to advise you as to which would be the most suitable classes.

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