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Aspirations School of Dance based in Sussex, primarily offers classical ballet  training for students from 5 to 19 years old. This is supplemented by a cohesive  program of Acrobatic Arts, International Dance Technique, Stretch, Tap, LAMDA,  and Musical Theatre together with Anatomy and Physiology to give the dancers of  today the tools they will need to succeed for tomorrow.

The school also hosts a daily pre-school dance curriculum for the under-fives that affords a perfect  transition into graded classes in all dance disciplines.

Founded in 2011, Aspirations has its own bespoke studios in Henfield. We are  privileged to have alliances with several vocational colleges and a wealth of  associate schemes to supplement our curriculum and give performance  opportunities to our students.

Saturdays are devoted to our successful Musical Theatre school taught by our resident teachers and Guest Teachers from within the industry and also our Scholars/ Associate Inhouse scheme for those seriously considering a career in the arts.

Our Ethos

The philosophy of Miss Amanda & her teaching team is to inspire in their pupils a love of dance, music, dance history & anatomy, so that every student not only learns how to dance but how anatomically to make their bodies move in a particular way. The skills gained in our lessons can be applied to all aspects of the students’ lives beyond the dance class. With strong social, cultural, moral and ethical values each child can achieve their best in any situation.

Miss Amanda, the School Principal has been teaching since 1995. She is Licentiate qualified , holds insurance & embraces continuing professional development.

“As a child I used to sit and watch the older children gracefully dancing in their classes whilst waiting to be collected, always aspiring to be like them one day. As a dance teacher, I have been given the gift of being able to inspire others to have aspirations.”

Miss Amanda

Exams & Assessments

Aspirations School of Dance enters students for examinations. For further information about each accredited society please click on the links below:

Musical Theatre
Acrobatic Arts
International Dance Technique

The school also regularly conducts inhouse assessments to ensure all students are achieving their goals whether mentally , physically or socially. With a dedicated emphasis on mental well-being ASD also offers workshops for its’ students to promote a healthy mindset as well as body, enabling todays students to face tomorrow with optimism, confidence and self-assurity. 





Underpinning all that we do are the fundamental principles  of knowledge, artistry, technique & enthusiasm. First & foremost we  are here to foster the love of dance, enabling all those that attend to  grow in self-confidence, co-ordination & natural rhythm. This provides  students with the chance to develop as dancers; our small classes  also ensure each student receives intensive training incorporating physical, mental and social well-being support. 

Aspirations School of Dance (ASD) based in Sussex, primarily offers  classical ballet training for students from 5 to 19 years old. This is  supplemented by a cohesive program of Acrobatic Arts, International  Dance Technique, Stretch, Tap, LAMDA, and Musical Theatre together  with Anatomy and Physiology to give the dancers of today the tools  they will need to succeed for tomorrow. 

The school also hosts a  comprehensive pre-school dance curriculum for the under-fives that  affords a perfect transition into graded classes. 

ASD has four distinct parts: Our Pre-School (TOTS Program), Lower, Middle and Upper school. Although these transitions are based upon perceived standard, the school in the main runs very much as one; a ‘Dance Family’ with the seniors supporting the lower school and full inclusivity across all age groups at show time. Seniors, who are seriously considering a professional  career in the arts have the option to receive training that will progress them onto  Vocational Programs, Full-Time Classical Academies, and or Tertiary  education Pedagogy Degrees. From thirteen years some students will  also be offered to undertake a three-year teaching assistant qualification which will put  them in good stead for whatever path they choose. 

Founded in 2011, Aspirations has its own bespoke studios in Henfield. We are  privileged to have alliances with several vocational colleges and a wealth of  associate schemes to supplement our curriculum and give performance  opportunities to our students. 



Classes are held after school hours & at weekends to enable students  to continue their normal academic education. Past students have  gone on to train professionally with several schools including, Italia  Conti, Arts Educational School, Rambert Ballet School & Laine  Theatre Arts. We give the children regular performance opportunities  through workshops, holiday schools and inviting guests within the  industry to the school. 

Meet the faculty

Miss Amanda

Amanda has taught since 1995. Graduating from Northern Ballet School, she went straight into a full time teaching role in Stamford, Lincs. There followed several other teacher posts including Laine Theatre Arts and Italia Conti (Merrow). Her classical delivery is based upon  knowledge of The English Classical Ballet system, Vaganova Ballet Technique and the teachings of Master Finis Jhung, this is  underpinned by mindfulness and a desire to never stop learning.  Trained in RAD Ballet and ISTD ballet, tap, modern, national & Jazz as a child, her desire to undertake the Vaganova Ballet Technique came later in life whilst aspiring to produce academically well-rounded, intelligent , technical and most importantly students with an awareness of ‘self’. With additional studies in physiology, anatomy and nutrition  together with further qualifications in personal training, NLP, Hypnotherapy and early  years child care, Miss Amanda is highly experienced and fully  competent to teach all age groups. 

Tell me and I forget, teach me and I remember, involve me and I learn


Industry professionals are invited to the school on a regular basis. These enable our students ‘ to step outside the box’ and experience other styles of dance and or technique specialists.

Some Guest Teachers…..

Michael Koplinski (Polish National Ballet, Royal Ballet School)

Mark Hindle (Judge, adudicator, guest teacher and associate school professional)

Evgeny Goremykin (former faculty teacher at London Russian Ballet School)

James Moore ( Musical Theatre Mama Mia, Matilda)

Keeva (Caoimhe) Woods ( Street , Jazz)

Mike Denman ( Denman Associates- Musical Theatre Workshops)

and more.


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