Post Lockdown Reopening Policy

Reopening Overview

The following information is based upon the guidance as given by the various governing departments to date. Its content may be subject to change, pending further information and lawful requirements. ADS falls within two categories of guidance: – Indoor dance studios and gyms / grassroots and out of
school childcare.

By Law

Dance studios can open and offer dance indoors if distancing is maintained and guidelines for maximum capacity within gyms is adhered too. This is 100sqft per person for the whole of a venue – including lobby, changing rooms, toilets etc, not just the dance studio. Guidance also suggests limiting mixing of ‘bubbles’ where at all possible. The Department for Education has released guidance for Early Year Settings. Our under 5’s will not have to social distance, but all other protective measures will remain in place.

Our COVID-19 secure procedure

Included (but not limited to):
i. Ensuring no one at the setting (or a part of anyone’s household) if experiencing COVID-19
ii. Promoting regular handwashing in both staff and students
iii. Introduce good hygiene by promoting the ‘catch it, bin it, kill it’ approach
iv. introduce enhanced cleaning such as high-contact points.
v. minimise contact between groups where possible
vi. where necessary, wear appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE)

Max Teacher: Student Ratio = 1: 8

All current social distancing measures will be implemented throughout this procedure.

Groups of no more than 8 students will be supervised by 1 teacher. For the purposes of child-friendly and age appropriateness ASD will call these groups “bubbles”. There is to be no cross contamination between bubbles as students will not mix and spaces will be cleaned between group’s use.

To be permitted into class, parents must agree to our Dance Check-in procedure EVERY time their child attends a class. No parents will be allowed on site. For new pupils parents may enter site providing PPE is worn or watch the class via zoom.

Any student/teacher or family member who is tested positive for COVID-19 up to two weeks post event dates must immediately inform ADS. The bubble that is affected will immediately be notified including students/parents/teachers. Should this occur while classes are running, the bubble affected
will be shut down, and spaces deep cleaned immediately follow government guidance “COVID-19: cleaning in non-healthcare settings”. In the event that a bubble has to self-isolate classes will continue on zoom to avoid an interruption in service- no refund will be given.