Social Media Policy


Facebook Page (for users) GDPR Policy

Purpose and Statement

Aspirations School of Dance uses a Facebook page to advertise its services and connect/share with its’ (and  a wider) audience. The web address for our Facebook page is:

We also have a member only page that you are invited to join once your registration process has been  completed in full. Facebook has its own GDPR policies & uses cookies. Please refer to Facebook GDPR policies  for further details. Aspirations School of Dance is able to process some personal data from interactions with  our Facebook page, which is described below, however how Aspirations School of Dance processes this data  is very limited.


  • To be displayed on our Facebook Page
  • This policy will be made available to members of the public on request

Review and monitoring of policy

  • Reviewed annually or in instances of legislative change
  • Monitoring is part of Management and Supervision

General Principles

  • Administrators of the Aspirations School of Dance Facebook Page are authorised Aspirations School
    of Dance staff
  • Aspirations School of Dance does not actively collect, harvest, or store any data in connection with

Facebook Posts

Types of Facebook Posts

  • Marketing/Advertisement of our various courses, events, and workshops
  • General News and updates including, but not limited to, student achievements, photos from

If you communicate with Aspirations School of Dance via the page we will respond to your communications  & make information available to you that is relevant to those communications. If you choose to ‘like’ the  page, you can ‘unlike’ at any time. As a public Facebook page all communication you share to the page can  be seen by anyone. If you need to discuss anything privately with Aspirations School of Dance, please contact us on 07525 097 849.

Anonymous Data

Administrators of Facebook Pages can obtain anonymous statistical data on visitors to the page, and those who ‘like’ the page via a function called ‘Facebook Insights’ which Facebook makes available to them free of charge under non-negotiable conditions of use. The data is collected by ‘cookies’, each containing a unique user code, which are active for two years and are stored by Facebook on the device used by visitors to the page. This user code, which can be matched with the connection data of users registered on Facebook, is collected, and processed by the Facebook Insight programme.

Anonymous Data our Facebook Page collects

  • Demographic information (including Age, Sex, Location, Relationship Status, Occupations)
  • Internet usage (including times online and length of page visits)
  • Sales information (including online purchase history, categories of goods or services)

How Aspirations School of Dance may use this data

Aspirations School of Dance may use this anonymous data to target marking to specific categories of peoples, and to effectively time manage campaigns (in terms of when to release posts and time lengths of special offers etc). Aspirations School of Dance may also use this data in the evaluation of marketing campaigns.

How Aspirations School of Dance retain/archive this information

Aspirations School of Dance do not remove any of this anonymous data from Facebook (a GDPR compliant company), except in the instance of reporting the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.

Non-anonymous Data

Administrators of Facebook Pages can obtain limited personal data about people who choose to ‘like’ and/or ‘follow’ the page and/or communicate with the page.

A Facebook user’s Name is actively sent by Facebook to the page administrator as a notification. The Facebook page contains a list of all users who ‘like’ or ‘follow’ the page.

Administrators are also able to access the profile of those who choose to ‘like’ and/or ‘follow’ the page and/or communicate with the page.

How Aspirations School of Dance retain/archive this information

No record of names are removed from Facebook or used for any purpose.

Further Privacy Policies

Please see our full privacy policy on the school’s website for further information