Terms & Conditions


The site is owned by Barnard Enterprises. Whilst we will endeavor to keep the studio facilities in good working order, we can accept no responsibility for any failure or breakdown that is ultimately down to our landlord to rectify. In such event, members will have no right of redress or course of action against ASD.


Fees are payable monthly through the automated system gocardless. ONE months’ notice is required IN WRITING of dropping a class or leaving the school.


In the event of non-payment for classes or goods received the school reserves the right to recover its losses. Under such circumstances we may take matters to a debt management company


We run an OPEN-HOUSE policy for all classes. Parents may (upon appointment) watch their child’s class throughout a term. All parents are invited to watch at the end of term*

* unless government guidelines dictate that this is not a suitable course of action.

Car Park

The carpark is for business occupants only. Please ensure that you park externally to the site and accompany your child across the carpark to the front door. Note: until inside the studios, students remain parental responsibility.


All our policies in respect to the running of the school can be found at:

Lost Property

The school cannot undertake any responsibility for any money or articles left behind after classes. Please therefore ensure ALL items are clearly named.

Force- Majeure

The school cannot be held responsible for events beyond its control. Where possible service will continue by offering alternative face to face classes, at a last resort classes will be moved online and taught through zoom.


We pride ourselves in our high level of communication and the positive decisions that we make in terms of your child’s dance classes. Naturally from time to time (particularly in respect to class placement, professional tuition, and exams) our sentiments may not be the same as your parental views. Please communicate your feelings to us so that we can discuss matters. It is also important to trust our judgement regarding your child’s dance classes. We pledge to support every child irrespective of the level that they wish to pursue dance to.


Safety is paramount and ASD will ensure that the facilities used for practice are fit for purpose. ASD will strive to give students the opportunity for regular performance by building relationships with guest teachers and other professional organizations to offer guidance to those who may wish to follow a career in the arts.

Please note attendance with other local schools is not permitted, this is not conducive to your child’s learning path and ultimately is unfair on the child concerned.

Whilst we can recommend professional schooling, we cannot be held responsible for external teachers / their classes.


ASD will act in all matters with the utmost integrity allowing students and their families to expect to be treated with honesty, consideration, and respect.


ASD will always teach classes within the limits of the teachers’ qualifications, experience, and expertise. Classes will be planned to an appropriate level to facilitate both physical and emotional needs of each and every student.


The School is registered to undertake examinations in all disciplines. These may be held at the studio live and in person or at the studio with the examining board online. Examinations can be taken once the required physical and emotional standard has been met.

Class Placement

Students are assigned a class by technical and emotional suitability NOT by age or academic school year group. However, late starters will not be placed with those many years younger as this is not conducive to their well-being.

Teaching Policy

We operate a HANDS-ON teaching policy. This means that to teach dance safely all teachers must be able to touch the students to physically adjust their posture. By signing our registration form you are also signing to say that you accept this policy.

(Except at times where we are dutybound to abide by government guidance in relation to pandemic / disease)


ASD will NOT tolerate bullying in any form whatsoever. Without exception those found to be behaving in this manner whether student, parent or staff will be removed from the school.

Changes to T & Cs

In order to protect you the client and ASD we reserve the right to change our Terms & Conditions In the event of alterations, you will be notified and required to acknowledge receipt of the new details which will automatically supersede the existing terms.


We will contact you through text, email, imessenger social media or by telephone depending upon your preferences.

The Principal Miss Amanda is contactable on 07525097849 between the hours of 9am-3pm. Outside these hours, please
leave a message and she will endeavor to get back to you asap.

Email: hello@aspirations.dance